Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bags of Love for the Homeless

Dear Family and Friends,

My friends and I are heading up something that God put before us after we read the book, CRAZY LOVE. After much prayer with our families, we feel led and so excited to do what God is asking us to do! Our project, Bag of Love for the Homeless, will take place on Christmas Morning at Sunrise . We will go out with our families and find the homeless in Lubbock and give them a bag of goodies as well as share the Love of Christ with them. We personally are so excited to greet Christmas morning with the excitement of what God is going to do rather than the excitement of the gifts under the tree!!

If you would like to be a part of this, please join us! We already have a couple of other families and an extra teenager or two that are coming along to help out! If you are not able to attend but would like to donate any item listed below, I would be more than happy to get it from you. If you know of a business who would like to donate items, please let me know, also. We have contacted Wal-Mart as well as United, and are waiting for a response. We are making breakfast burritos to deliver that morning (they can easily be individually wrapped) and are trying to figure out how to transport coffee/hot chocolate downtown!?! (any ideas?!?) We will also have juice boxes for any children we locate.

However, the most important thing we ask for is your prayers! Pray for God to show us where to go and for the hearts of the homeless to be receptive to hearing the Good News of our Lord and Savior!!! Ironically, there was an article in our local paper not long ago that stated that at any given time, there are easily 600+ people on the streets in our city. That is just heartbreaking.

We can’t wait to see what God does this Christmas Morning!!


Matt, Francis & Bailey

PS..If you would like to make a donation, if I could make sure to have it before December 15th, that would be great! Thanks again!!

List of items needed for Bag of Love for the Homeless


Sleeping Bags


Beanies (hats)


Thermal Underwear

Baby Wipes

Hand Sanitizer


Chap Stick

Travel Mug





Bottle Water

Cereal Bars

Animal Crackers

Gold Fish

Peanut Butter Crackers

Cheese Crackers

Trail Mix


Inspirational Books

Playing Cards

Puzzle Books



Juice Boxes

Bags for all the items (Reusable bags from United or Wal-Mart)

Our project will take place on Christmas Morning at Sunrise . This will be a time of sharing our love and most importantly Christ!

Matt and Francis Daniels

549.2444 or 559.5669

Kim and Ray Don Wideman

632.7964 or 214-608-1406

Kara and Jason Marshall

392.0179 or 773.3735

Austin Wideman


Landry Allen